Patricia A. Morton, MD

Dr. Morton completed the two-year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona under the direction of internationally known author and health expert Andrew Weil, M.D. Dr. Morton was one of less than 50 physicians chosen from candidates around the world to enter the program in 2001, graduating in 2003.

In addition, Dr. Morton has undertaken extensive training in the area of bioidentical hormone restoration. She also completed Medical Acupuncture for Physician training through the Helms Medical Institute.

Prior to opening Wellness ReSolutions, Dr. Morton provided services as a respected specialist in breast and women’s imaging at Women’s Imaging & Wellness of Dublin. She completed her residency at the University of Cincinnati in Diagnostic Radiology, serving as Chief Resident in her final year. She also completed an internship in Internal Medicine at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, and undergraduate education at the University of Cincinnati.

Patricia A. Morton, M.D. is known as a physician with a passion for helping clients achieve optimal wellness, with a focus on nutrition, physical fitness, hormone balancing, and positive lifestyle changes. Through her professional training and personal health commitment, Dr. Morton guides and inspires each client to achieve optimum health, using natural approaches to achieve a healthful balanced life.

Special Interests

  • Bioidentical hormone restoration, including hormone pellet therapy
  • Metabolic Health
  • Functional Medicine
  • Nutrition and fitness for peak performance
  • Breast and bone health, including cancer and osteoporosis risk reduction
  • Botanical/herbal medicine
  • Medical Acupuncture and Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture

Education and Certification

  • Metabolic Balance® Coach Certification, 2018
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Level I Certification, 2018
  • Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, The Institute for Functional Medicine, 2013
  • Acupuncture Dry Needling for Pain Management, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, 2012
  • Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System training, 2011
  • Medical Acupuncture for Physicians, Helms Medical Institute, 2011
  • Mastering Protocols for Hormone Replacement Therapy, Foundation for Care Management, 2010-2013
  • Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, 2001-2003
  • Board Certification: American Board of Radiology, 1992
  • Diagnostic Radiology Residency, University of Cincinnati, 1988-1992
  • Internal Medicine Internship, The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, 1987-1988
  • Medical School and Bachelor of Science, University of Cincinnati, 1979-1987

Our Partnership with You

We are proud of the results our patients achieve with our services and want to help you get great results too.

We work to determine and correct the root causes of your problems – not just mask your symptoms with medication. This approach often requires more effort on your part than just taking medications. To achieve optimal results, you may need to make significant lifestyle and dietary changes.

When you are ready and willing to make the changes necessary to live a healthier life, we are here to help you.

The following Practice Policies have been designed to help us provide you with outstanding care.

We’d Love to Help

Office Hours

Our current office hours are as follows but are subject to change at any time

Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Payment for Services

We accept cash, check, and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)

Medicare Participation

Because Medicare does not reimburse for most services we provide, we can only provide services to Medicare Part B Beneficiaries who enter a Private Contract with our providers who have Opted-Out of Medicare.

Dr. Morton has Opted-Out of Medicare and is able to provide services to patients who are Medicare Beneficiaries.

Relationship with Primary Care Physician

The providers of Wellness ReSolutions do not serve as primary care physicians. It is important for you to maintain a relationship with a primary care physician for acute care, routine care, and age-appropriate screenings.

Follow-up Questions

Our staff will respond to simple questions sent via the Patient Portal. We may ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss more complex concerns.

If you have a concern that a new symptom is a side effect of a new medication or supplement we have recommended, discontinue using the new medication/supplement and contact our office immediately.

Prescription Refills

Prescriptions will only be written for patients who have had a visit with one of our providers within the past 6 months. Prescriptions will be written for no more than 6 months. No early refills will be given for controlled substances (e.g. testosterone). Please allow 72 hours for your refill request to be processed.


We offer preferred pricing to our patients on high quality supplements from Emerson Ecologics, MD Prescriptives, and Zilis. These supplements are available for purchase in our office, or directly from these vendors via links on our website. You may purchase supplements from our office during normal business hours or we can ship them to you for a shipping fee of $8.95


All appointments are provided on a scheduled basis only.

Phone appointments are available for your convenience. They are billed at the same rate as an office visit.

Medical Insurance

We are not in network with any health insurance.

We will not submit claims or communicate with any insurance company or their agents regarding your care, payment for your care, or prior authorization of prescriptions.

We can provide you with a superbill which you may submit to your health plan to request reimbursement. We will code the superbill accurately for your visit but cannot assure it will meet the requirements of your health plan or result in reimbursement for you.

Labs to Monitor Progress

Labs are an important tool in assessing progress. We may request patients have labs done periodically and after a medication is started or changed.

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Communication via Patient Portal at

We maintain your medical records in an electronic health records system from Hello Health. This system includes a patient portal called PortalConnect which allows you to see copies of your labs and medical records, and to communicate securely with us.

For the security of your personal health information and to receive more timely responses, please use the Hello Health PortalConnect to communicate with us regarding any medical issues.

If you need help using PortalConnect, please contact Hello Health support at 866-779-1526.

Remaining Active

All patients must have an appointment every 6 months and be seen by a provider in the office every 12 months in order to remain “active” for prescription renewals and support via the Patient Portal.

Compounded Prescriptions

Compounded pharmaceuticals must be made with appropriate ingredients and properly prepared to produce consistent results. To assure best outcomes for you, we send prescriptions for compounded pharmaceuticals only to pharmacies whose products we have found to provide consistent and reliable results.


Hormone Optimization

K. & D. - Granville, OH

“…Our first visit was wonderful.  Dr. Morton is a lovely person, you will never have “white coat syndrome” with her!!!  She is the most wonderful listener of any doctor I’ve ever met!  Dr. Morton is very personable, patient, caring and truly wants to help you to achieve optimal wellness!  Dr. Morton and her office makes you feel very calm and serene!  Just her listening skills and the way she makes you feel so comfortable in her presence, is 90% of treatment that makes me feel so much better.”

D.B. - Fremont, OH

“First of all – the time of disussion and sharing was so very good.  Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, wisdom and your willingness to be present with me in my discerning.  You are gifted and founded with a sense of holding others.”

C.B. - Powell, OH

“Thank you so much for meeting today.  I truly appreciate your services and everything I have learned while under your care.  I feel better today than I did 18 months ago and attribute much of my wellness to your help and guidance.”

K. & D. - Granville, OH

“We love her and you will too!  I encourage any woman or man with hormone problems or weight management, or overall wellness in health to please contact her! …”

J.M. - London, OH

“The therapy has been going very well.  I’ve noticed a positive influence on my moods and definitely notice a difference with many of my joint pains.  I would like to say that I am very pleased with the results!”

R.L. - Columbus, OH

“I felt fantastic after the last pellet insertion.  Really made a positive difference.  It is worth every penny!” 

CC - Columbus, OH

“I have NEVER had a doctor talk to me with so much knowledge about my body, what I needed and how she could help me.  She is so in tune with my body, what it needs and how I can get there that I love talking to her.  I have found that her corrections in my hormones, thyroid, and adding acupuncture have altered my sense of well-being, my happiness and have made me a sexual dynamo!!” 

Medical Acupuncture

S.O. - Worthington, OH

“As a 79 year old female, I have been to several physicians in my lifetime.  Dr. Morton is by far the most thorough, detail-oriented and caring physician I’ve seen.  She always refers to our initial visit and enlightens me on minor issues to improve my well-being.  During treatment she is very careful and is always making sure I am comfortable with the procedure.  I feel very confident and comfortable as a patient under Dr. Morton’s care…”

K.S. - Columbus, OH

“Acupuncture benefits me with physical and mental clarity.  Dr. Morton works with acupuncture for my nose and sinus issues as well as general overall balancing.  Dr. Morton kindly customizes each acupuncture session to address a specific issue and I leave moving and thinking with less ‘interference’.  After a few treatments over three months, my sinus pressure (due to deviated septum, my ears popped a lot) is getting much better, and much less annoying breathing.”

S.O. - Worthington, OH

“…Dr. Morton started treatment in early November and I am happy to say that I no longer have the pain of neuropathy and the arthritis in my hands has subsided.  Dr. Morton also attended to a bursitis flare up in my hip and that has subsided as well.  Dr. Morton’s knowledge as a physician combined with her acupuncture skills has truly been instrumental in improving my overall health.”

Group Presentation by Dr. Morton

The Plain City Presbyterian Church, Women's Assoc.

“Thank you for your gift of knowledge and guidance that will help us in achieving optimal wellness and renewed energy.”

C.W. with Young Survival Coalition

Thank you for donating your time to educate the YSC community.  It was an awesome presentation and I have been asked by quite a few people for copies of the slides – even those who didn’t attend!

Thanks again.  You are very special.”

J.W. with Young Survival Coalition

“We enjoyed the workshop and everyone had a great time while learning incredibly valuable information.  We would love to partner on future projects with you.  Thanks again!”

Have some questions?

What do these services cost?

Focused in-depth consultations such as for Health Optimization begin at $600.  The costs of ongoing and follow-up professional services are based on the length and level of service required.  These charges do not include laboratory testing or the cost of any recommended supplements or prescribed medications.

Medical Acupuncture is charged per treatment session. Depending upon the condition being treated, multiple treatments may be required. The initial treatment session includes a review of symptoms.

The best investment you can make is in your health!  Take some time to think about what concerns you most about your current health – and what you want to change.  Is your energy level at an all-time low?  Have you put on weight and can’t figure out how to lose it?  Confused about nutrition and supplements? We can help!

How can I learn more about our approach to wellness?

Please check out some of the articles and links under the Resources tab. We look forward to helping you renew your health and reimagine your life.

How soon can we meet?

We are working on our online forms. We will post this as soon as they are complete.

What is your payment policy?

We accept cash, checks, and all major forms of credit cards. Payment is due at time of service.

Do you accept insurance? Are you in my network?

No. The providers of Wellness ReSolutions do not participate in any insurance plans or submit claims of any kind. Private and government insurance plans may or may not cover lab work and prescriptions. Please check with your health plan for specifics of your coverage. Reimbursement may be available through your tax-deferred savings plan.

How do I make an appointment?

Existing patients can just contact the office at 614 733-9737 to schedule an appointment.

Established patients will be provided with their own secure online portal to communicate with their providers.