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Based in Dublin, Ohio, Wellness ReSolutions offers functional medicine services, helping you to stay and feel your best. All our PRP therapies are of the highest quality, and are safe and effective. We are passionate about restoring and maintaining beauty, youth, and health. With all of our PRP therapy procedures, we put our patients’ satisfaction above all else. When you come into Wellness ReSolutions for a treatment, you have the full power and benefit of decades of functional medicine success behind you. A leader in PRP therapy, we serve Ohio and the Midwest at large, and our reputation is for functional medicine done right.

Vampire Facelift

Combining the science of hyaluronic acid (HA fillers) with the raw impact of your own platelet-rich plasma, a Vampire FaceLift will have you looking beautiful – and just as importantly, it will have you looking like yourself. The procedure is simple: we will draw blood from your arm, isolate your platelet-rich plasma for re-injection, and then process your blood right there in the room with you. We then add a natural collagen scaffold using hyaluronic acid filler that coheres with your facial structure and the concept of symmetry. This service requires no surgical procedures, it is drug-free, you will recover quickly (often within less than a day), and your skin, tissue, and face will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. To learn more about this popular PRP injection procedure, contact Wellness ReSolutions today!


Whether you are on or off hormone replacement therapy, the O-Shot is something that can improve your quality of life. The benefits of this revolutionary nonsurgical procedure are numerous: everything from decreased urinary leaking to an improved sex life (easier orgasm, higher sexual desire, no more painful sex or vaginal dryness). You will feel the difference within a few days, sometimes a few weeks, following a pain-free 20-minute procedure that involves a blood draw and an injection of platelet-rich plasma near the clitoris and upper vagina. This procedure is totally drug-free, and the statistics bear out its effectiveness, 95% of patients seeing their urinary incontinence significantly improve following the O-Shot. Show yourself some love – with the O-Shot!


Short for “Priapus Shot,” the P-Shot offers results that in ages past people would have considered impossible. Because of science that involves your own platelet-rich plasma, though, you can finally overcome erectile dysfunction, decreased penile firmness, decreased penile size, Peyronie’s Disease (painful penile angle), and all the stress that comes with these conditions. The P-Shot requires no drugs, it requires no surgery, and it can increase your sensitivity, sexual desire, girth, length, and sex life in general. While you may see results immediately, you may also continue to see results for two to three months following the procedure, and there is zero recovery time. Your better life awaits you – with the P-Shot!

Hair Restoration / Recovery

Whether you are a man or a woman, hair loss can represent one of the most stressful events in your life. You feel like you are losing control, like time is passing you by, and that you are past your prime. This doesn’t need to be something that you simply sit back and accept, though. Hair restoration and recovery is possible. The hair restoration and recovery services that we offer at Wellness ReSolutions are effective, reliable, and because we are a medical practice, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Instead of trying out unproven, untested, potentially dangerous methods, let our team show you to improve the health of your scalp and hair.

Our Team

Led by Patricia A. Morton, MD, the Wellness Resolutions professionals are committed to client satisfaction above all else. We take your care and your goals to heart any time you come in to see us, and we make ourselves available to you before and after the procedure in order to put your mind at ease, answering any questions that may arise regarding preparation and recovery.


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  • Lorelee Syal, RN
  • Maggie Kerr, Care Coordinator
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