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Did you know that you have the power to feel better, look younger, and live longer?  You can have a positive effect on how your genes express themselves through the constant rebuilding, repair, and renewal of your body.

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Working with Wellness ReSolutions, you will experience renewed health and energy, and look and feel younger.  Focusing on natural approaches to hormone balancing, nutrition and physical fitness, you can discover personal optimal health.

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By using Wellness ReSolution’s clinically proven interventions, you can optimize your energy and mental sharpness, physical performance, biomarkers, physical performance, immune function, vitality and more.

Wellness ReSolutions

What Our Clients Say

“I felt fantastic after the last pellet insertion.  Really made a positive difference.  It is worth every penny!” – R.L. – Columbus, OH

“First of all – the time of disussion and sharing was so very good.  Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, wisdom and your willingness to be present with me in my discerning.  You are gifted and founded with a sense of holding others.” – D.B. – Fremont, OH

“Thank you so much for meeting today.  I truly appreciate your services and everything I have learned while under your care.  I feel better today than I did 18 months ago and attribute much of my wellness to your help and guidance.” – C.B. – Powell, OH



6740 Perimeter Drive
Suite 300
Dublin OH 43016



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